Designers & Agents seeks to use its platform to champion causes it deems important. At the forefront of D&A’s focus lies its commitment to sustainability; highly regarded as a pioneer in the sustainable design movement, D&A seeks to identify and support ecologically minded brands through its multi-faceted Green Initiative.

The three aspects of the Designers & Agents Green Initiative are as follows:

Green Room:

Provides gifted space at the Los Angeles, June show to selected emerging designers who create their products through the use of ecologically friendly materials, sustainable production, and/or supporting local and fair trade labor.

Green Leaf:

Identifies brands that are making strides towards incorporating sustainable practices in the manufacturing and sourcing of their products. These brands are designated with a Green Leaf icon on their booth sign as well as exhibitor directory.

Green Market:

Brands which demonstrate that the majority of their product line is achieved through ecologically sensitive practices and/or fair trade affiliations are eligible for Green Market status. Green Market brands are designated special signage and also when appropriate, have the option of a 5ft shared booth, as an entry into D&A.

In addition D&A continues its efforts of promoting sustainable practices at its show spaces through improved recycling, biodegradable catering supplies and green cleaning supplies.